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“Lisa Windahl at Lawyer’s Drafting Service quickly provides accurate drafts and revisions. I simply email a Rule 11 agreement or a hearing transcript (sometimes just bullet points from my legal pad) and by the next day I get a draft ready for my review and revisions. While she’s drafting, I’m working on other client matters. Every family law attorney in Texas owes it to themselves and their clients to give these folks a try.”  Tom Daley, Family Law Attorney, Dallas, TX

“I have used Lisa Windahl for over a year and continue to be impressed with the fast, accurate work she produces. With the pay-as-you-go model, I can bill her services directly to my client. The client pays less, I get more work done on other matters—we both win.” Allen Griffen, Family Law Attorney, Plano, TX

“When I moved my practice from a fully-staffed mega-firm to my solo office, I needed help getting documents drafted but couldn't justify paying a full time assistant. Lisa Windahl and Lawyer’s Drafting Service fit my needs perfectly. I don’t have a drafting backlog any-more.” Phillip Grubbs, Family Law/General Attorney, Dallas, TX

:Lisa does a great job!  She's very thorough and meticulous in her work.  She rarely makes mistakes and on those occasions she does is very quick to rectify.  She's fast on the turnaround and works hard to develop a personal relationship with her clients so she can better incorporate our preferences and idiosyncrasies into her work."  Theresa Copeland, Family Law Attorney, Roanoke, TX

"Lisa always meets deadlines and can crank documents out quickly. Recently, I found out I had a hearing three hours from the time I was informed. Lisa and I worked together to get everything done on time and correctly. Five stars for sure!!!!"  Brian Hill, Guardianship, Probate, Estate Planning, Family Law Attorney, Dallas, TX

"Lisa is extremely professional!!!  The work and time she puts in for her clients shows her dedication and commitment. She is helpful and knows the business inside and out. I recommend her services 100%."  Denise Ludlow, Pro Se

"Lisa is awesome. I've worked with her for years and she's been there when I needed her most! Great work, great turn-around, and I hope to keep working with her for years to come."  John Polk, Family Law Attorney, Dallas, TX

"Lisa always helps me out when I'm in a last minute bind. She is fast and accurate and is very knowledgeable about family law. I couldn't function without her!"  Cristina Salazar, Family and Immigration Law Attorney, Dallas, TX

"Can't recommend her enough!  She does docs right and gets them back on time."  Angela Brown, Family Law Attorney, Austin, TX

Lawyers Drafting-Discovery Service


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