Bill More.  Work Less.

Do you have a drafting backlog?  Are clients and opposing counsel calling wondering when they will see a draft of an order?  Do you need to draft and file responsive pleadings to protect your client?  Do you have a discovery deadline to meet?

Lawyers Drafting-Discovery Service provides high-quality drafting services.  As soon as you provide information about the document you need to draft, you can move on and leave the drafting to us!

Lawyers -Discovery Service exclusively serves family law practitioners in Texas.  We have access to the latest forms from the State Bar of Texas and local courts.  We use ProDoc/Form Builder to ensure that the drafted document is familiar to you, opposing counsel, and the court.

​With over twenty years of experience and a desire to live and work with purpe and passion, I treat every client as my highest priority.  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me.  I strive to produce quality documents at an affordable rate, allowing you the flexibility to concentrate on the things you need to focus on to grow your law practice.

​I am a no nonsense professional.  I won't take a job that I know I cannot do.  I can save you a lot of money and a lot of time -- which is what every family law attorney is looking for!  


Texas Family Law Documents

Next Day Turnaround Available

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Lawyers Drafting-Discovery Service